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Four New Sustainable Funeral® Options

It’s commendable to see a shift towards sustainability in the funeral industry. Sustainable Funeral® options not only address environmental concerns but also cater to the growing demand for eco-friendly practices. 

Alternatives to traditional cremation that rely on petrochemicals are gaining popularity. Fireless Cremation’s alkaline hydrolysis method has no direct emissions and uses a lot less energy. 

By embracing Sustainable Funeral options, the funeral industry can contribute to positive environmental impacts while meeting the evolving needs and values of families. It’s a forward-thinking approach that can set a positive legacy for the funeral industry.



Ed Gazvoda, Co-Inventor and President of Fireless Cremation Company:

It’s fascinating to learn about Ed Gazvoda’s journey and commitment to bringing Sustainable Funeral options to the industry. His involvement in introducing to the funeral industry alkaline hydrolysis as an alternative to traditional cremation demonstrates a forward-thinking approach to addressing environmental concerns within the funeral sector.

In 2008, after reading about alkaline hydrolysis, he invested to bring to the funeral industry a cremation unit that used alkaline hydrolysis, not petrochemicals. In 2010, Cycled Life, his former company sold the first alkaline hydrolysis system to a U.S. funeral director. Bio-Response Solutions ( designed and fabricated the system for Cycled Life. Unfortunately, the tipped styled system using just water and alkali did not work; so, the business was closed. 

In 2019, Ed made the decision to try again. He and his wife invested in creating a new alkaline hydrolysis system. The shortcomings of the initial design left plenty of room for much needed to innovation and improvement. It’s not uncommon for pioneers in emerging industries to face challenges and setbacks, and Ed’s perseverance in overcoming those obstacles to offer funeral providers an alkaline hydrolysis system that truly works is commendable.

The focus on licensing the technology indicates a strategic shift toward influencing the funeral industry worldwide. Licensing the technology allows for a faster adoption of alkaline hydrolysis systems around the globe, leading to a much needed and more significant lasting environmental impact.

Ed’s commitment to creating businesses that are beneficial to the human race, as evidenced by his history of valuable contributions, aligns well with the growing awareness and demand for sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives in various industries, including funerals.

For those interested in connecting with Ed Gazvoda or learning more about his work, reaching out on LinkedIn provides a platform for networking and staying updated on the latest developments in the field of Sustainable Funeral options. It’s encouraging to see licensees contributing to positive change in the funeral industry.

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