Purchasing decisions reflect families desire to lessen the impact on the people, places, and pets they loved

Fireless Cremation beneficially returns deceased to the earth.

Industries which have relied on the use of petrochemicals are being disrupted by innovators offering alternatives with lower emissions.

We all have witnessed the rapid rise of Tesla, with its market cap 16x that of Ford. Similar to the auto industry, the funeral industry needs forward-thinking funeral providers.

There will be stricter regulations governing crematory-related air pollution (“CRAP”). It is just a matter of time before petrochemical crematories will be rendered obsolete. Given consumer preferences and regulatory pressures, purchasing a new, petrochemical, cremation unit does not make business sense.

The alternative is to provide families with the option for a Sustainable Funeral® via alkaline hydrolysis 2.0. Offering families sustainable services is good both for the pocketbook and for one’s conscience. As a funeral industry, we cannot continue to operate as usual. By taking a stand to offer Sustainable Funeral options, we can positively impact the well-being of the families we seek to serve.

At this time in history, we have to decide what our legacy as a funeral industry and as funeral providers will be. If you share Fireless Cremation’s vision for the future of the funeral industry that offers Sustainable Funeral service options, please join us in providing new sustainable options to better serve families.

Ed Gazvoda: In 2008, after reading about alkaline hydrolysis, he invested to bring to the funeral industry a cremation unit that used alkaline hydrolysis, not petrochemicals. In 2010, his former company sold the first alkaline hydrolysis system to a U.S. funeral director. Shortly thereafter, his business was acquired. 

A decade later, seeing the lack of innovation in the design of alkaline hydrolysis systems, their high costs, and operating problems, he and his wife invested in creating alkaline hydrolysis systems that offered funeral providers four new Sustainable Funeral options. They opened and operated a funeral home and “crematory” providing families only Sustainable Funeral options. The funeral home was sold in February 2021 freeing Fireless Cremation to focus licensing its technology. Ed has a history of creating valuable businesses beneficial to the human race. Connect on LinkedIn.