Human & Pet Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems

Save Time and Money Compared to Other Alkaline Hydrolysis Systems

The original Fireless Cremation system has been in continuous operation, since August 2019. Its success led to the development of the FC500 – a low-temperature, alkaline hydrolysis 2.0, fully automated system.

You will love owning and operating a FC500

  1. Save on labor costs with the shortest cycle time: dissolutions in @ 2.5 hours using our patent pending chemical process & system.
  2. A Bio-Response Solution’s system exploded – click this link to see for yourself  the destruction of this funeral home. High-pressure alkaline hydrolysis systems are slow, costly, and pose a danger to property and people.
  3. Older style systems require operators to handle a heavy, cumbersome, and dripping basket. The FC500 has no basket, so loading and unloading is safe and easy. 
  4. The FC500 composts the decedent enabling the body to be sustainably return to the earth, not the sewer, and without the need for a casket or cemetery plot.
  5. Some old style alkaline hydrolysis systems tip the vessel, which often results in undigested remains: a major flaw in their design. 
  6. The pH of the essence is lowered to @ neutral: pH 7-8. 
  7. Wastewater treatment facilities’ requirements and surcharge fees are of no concern to our systems’ operators.
  8. The decedent’s essence is offered to the families for a Sustainable Burial on land or at sea.
  9. Our PCT and U.S. Non-Provisional patent process requires 55% less water than the 1800’s chemical formulation used by most other systems.
  10. The sand sized bone pieces are collected not emptied down the sewer returning @33% more bone minerals than other systems.
  11. The FC500 is the best alkaline hydrolysis system in the world. It is priced at $140,000.

Affordable Pet Aquamation System