Alkaline Hydrolysis $1,500 Challenge

Challenge Scorecard

We created this challenge to assist funeral providers in making an educated decision on which alkaline hydrolysis system to buy. 

As a venture capitalist once said, “The company with the product that is better, faster, and cheaper than its competitors is the one we want to invest in.” We want to assist you with making a major investment in your future, by working with you to obtain the real facts, so you can make a truly informed decision.

If you purchase an alkaline hydrolysis system from one of our competitors, we will pay you $1,500, if the following conditions are met:

  • their system is priced equal to or lower than our system
  •  their dissolution time is faster or equal to ours
  • the capacity of the system must work with decedents of equal or greater weight than our FC500
  • not have the terrible, known problem of incomplete dissolutions
  • the system has to be designed for human cadavers
  • witnessed both the FC500 and competitor’s systems operate
  • score higher than our FC500 on the Challenge Scorecard

After you have taken a hard look at all of your options, you will be confident in making a decision to buy a particular alkaline hydrolysis system. 

Winners of the challenge agree to provide a testimonial on why they selected the FC500 or a competitors’ system, plus authorize its use for marketing purposes.

Purchase either the FC500 or a competitor’s system, assuming it meets the minimum requirements, and we will pay you $1,500 for making an informed decision.