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Funeral providers face legal challenges, extraordinary regulations, and shifting political winds, each threatening the future of their funeral businesses.

Your fellow funeral directors have shared with us some of their concerns:

“It is as if all the eyes of the world are upon crematory operators, even though, other industries are bigger polluters.”

“The crematory permitting process and evolving restrictive regulatory environment give rise to my blood pressure and costs.”

Owning an alkaline hydrolysis 2.0 system frees you from these problems. Even better, you can future-proof your business by offering families four new Sustainable Funeral® options

Fireless Cremation manufactures alkaline hydrolysis 2.0 systems for humans, pets, and laboratories. Pictured: FC500 Patent Pending

Four new Sustainable Funeral options to increase cases and profits

Sustainable Cremation – No more dealing with regulators and angry neighbors over cremation related air pollution (“CRAP”).

Sustainable Burial – Cemetery interment not needed for an earth burial. 

Sustainable Composting – Zero chance of spreading deadly pathogens.

Sustainable Burial at Sea – Reversing carbon dioxide’s and acid rain’s damage to our oceans and lakes.

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