Disrupting the Petrochemical Cremation Oven Market

The Future


It does not take a futurist to know crematories will soon be rendered relics of the past. Unlike the horse and buggy, no one will ever pine for crematories.

Funeral homes and those that provide trade work to funeral homes are now able to offer families a way to return deceased beneficially back to the earth, without the need for a casket or cemetery plot. 

Facility Requirements

  • ≥ 100 amp 220 VAC service
  • 20 amp 110 VAC service
  • Access to hot water
  • Access to drain for disposal of rinse water
  • Access to route 8 inch vent duct to outside
  • Access for delivery/removal of chemical drums
  • Space requirement: 12’x4’x3′ for the system, plus room for chemical storage and essence station 
Current Production Run Sold-out. Next available delivery date July 1, 2021

We are thankful to all of those who ordered a system after doing their due diligence on our original system, in operation since 8/19. The improved FC500 is a low-temperature, Alkaline Hydrolysis 2.0™, automated system. The process takes about two-hours to complete. 

Your investment: $125,000 per FC500. 

Not Your Run-of-the-Mill Water Cremation, Aquamation, or Alkaline Hydrolysis System

Top 10 FC500 Advantages:

  1. Save on labor costs with the shortest cycle time: dissolutions in @ 2 hours thanks to our patent pending chemical process & system
  2. A Bio-Response Solution’s high-pressure system exploded – click this link to see for yourself  the destruction of this funeral home. This would never had  happened with our system. Our low-temperature system is safe; plus, there is no heavy, cumbersome, dripping basket to mess with
  3. Introduce a new burial option: our system composts the decedent enabling the body to sustainably return to the earth, not the sewer
  4. Complete dissolution: no risk of having unsterile effluent from undigested tissue or brains
  5. The pH of our essence is lowered to be beneficial to the earth. Waste water treatment facilities’ requirements are of no concern to us.
  6. The essence, on average 25 gallons, is land applied or returned to the families for a “burial”
  7. Our PCT and U.S. Non-Provisional patent process requires 95% less water than the 19th century chemical formulation used by most other systems
  8. Salts and fats readily collected and removed from the essence
  9. 33%+ more bone minerals returned than other alkaline hydrolysis systems – the “sand sized bones pieces are collected not emptied down the sewer
  10. Less costly: $125,000 (USD). Given our significantly lower cost, our system shouldn’t be better than what other manufacturers are offering; however, our system is vastly superior

Contact Us

To inquire about future proofing your business and owning your first FC500, e-mail sales@firelesscremation.com.


Fortes fortuna iuvat!