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United States and Canada 

water cremation aquamation



water cremation resomation aquamation



Southeast Asia


 Cremation Philippines Inc.®

*Seeking new licensees or distributors worldwide, especially for Australasia, Mexico, Central and S. America, and Japan. 

The FC500 inspired the next generation of alkaline hydrolysis 2.0 systems - now available from our licensees

This system is covered by the following patent: US11826803B2. Patent Pending in many more countries.

Four new Sustainable Funeral® options to increase cases and profits

Aqua Cremate – a zero-emission cremation 

Aqua Burial – a burial without the need for a cemetery plot nor casket

Aqua Compost – pathogen-free, organic, nutrients regenerative to the earth

Aqua Burial at Sea – essence returned to oceans to save sea life threatened by carbonic acid formed by water and carbon dioxide mix 

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