Fireless Cremation®

As the Funeral Industry's Sustainability Leader, we are pleased to announce

American Crematory and Aquasolve have licensed our technology

United States and Canada 


Southeast Asia

Fireless Cremation Phils. Inc.


The FC500 inspired the next generation of alkaline hydrolysis 2.0 systems - soon to be available from our licensees

This system is covered by the following patent: U.S. Patent 17/089,547. Patent Pending in many more countries.

Four new Sustainable Funeral® options to increase cases and profits

Aqua Cremate – a zero-emission cremation with 100% of the body beneficially returned to the earth

Aqua Burialan earth burial without the need for a cemetery plot nor casket 

Aqua Composting – composting without leaving behind potentially deadly pathogens

Aqua Burial at Sea – reversing carbon dioxide’s and acid rain’s damage to our oceans and lakes.

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